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LibGuides Migration Update

I’m working this week preparing our LibGuides content for migration on July 29th, and that includes combing through stale or low-traffic content, mapping database links from existing guides, and working on making a plan for content that will not migrate to the new system. If you are a LibGuides owner with content that hasn’t been updated or visited in a while, I’ve already sent you a list of content that I’m hoping you can review. By tomorrow, I will get in touch with folks who have content that will not migrate to the new system (usually because the content types are going away) to see if the content needs to be updated after the migration or whether it is no longer needed.

But the biggest part of the task is mapping existing links to databases across all guides into the new Database A-Z module. Basically, I’m working my way through every single guide and looking at each link to see if it goes to a database. When I find one, I map it to the database. I only have to map each database once, since LibGuides will look for duplicates and map them for me. But this way as soon as our content is migrated, your database links will already be in the A-Z manager. ERMS will no longer have to send out reminders to look for databases in your LibGuides when links change, because they can change the master link and have all of the mapped links update across all guides. Folks on the LibGuides committee and the ERMS team are pretty excited for this new feature, and we’re hoping it streamlines work for everyone.

That said, as I map links in your guides, nothing should change. However, when I run the process that maps all of the duplicate links, the name that displays in your Guide may change to reflect the canonical name of the database. If you have questions about how this works, log in to our LibGuides 2.0 site and then visit the Migration Guide in the Help section. Or, feel free to drop me a line!

Baby Update

Gratuitous baby photo now:

Angry Sleeping Baby