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Summon in Blackboard, Ongoing Issues

IT has finished updating the Summon building block in Blackboard, and because of some of the issues encountered with the migration, existing Summon search boxes in Blackboard will need to be updated. From Colleen in IT:

The summon search bar can be re-added to courses by clicking on Tools > Summon Search Bar. The new one has a blue button, and the old one is orange—so you can quickly tell if it’s using the old or new.

Also, if the search bar is the first item in a content area, edit mode must be set to ‘OFF’ (this only affects instructors, it will work for students regardless). Just a fun little Bb quirk.

If you have faculty who have the Summon search in their courses, encourage them to re-add it. The old version will not work reliably.

Ongoing Summon 2.0 Issues

We have received a few recent reports of Summon 2.0 failing to load when coming from the search bar on the library website, as reported right after our migration. Instead of search results, they get this instead:

{{ “Saved Items” | translate }} ({{saveditems.items.length}})
{{ “Advanced Search” | translate }}
{{ “Beyond Holdings” | translate }}

These reports are coming from faculty and students, regardless of browser or platform. I have contacted Serials Solutions to work out a resolution to this issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, the following steps will resolve the problem for any patron that experiences it:

  1. Go to
  2. Run a search from the search box there, and wait for the results to display
  3. Head back to and try a search from the search box. It should be working now.

What seems to be happening is that the new interface needs to load a small file on your computer so that the new interface loads. For some reason, coming from our domain, that file fails to load on some machines (it seems to be browser and mac/pc independent). Once it has failed to load once, it won’t load unless you visit the URL of the search tool directly (as in step 1). That forces the file to load and all seems well after that.