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Illiad vs. EZProxy Update

Mary updated the configuration of our EZProxy this week as we worked through the dreaded EZProxy vs. Illiad issue. While I had put a patch in place to hide the error from users, Mary and I kept researching how to keep the problem from happening in the first place. Witt M. on Twitter gave us the suggestion to use the EZProxy “NeverProxy” function for Illiad’s URL, which will tell EZProxy not to every add the proxy URL to our hosted Document Delivery server.

After putting this change in place, the problem seems to have been resolved. My code will echo a little message to the browser’s console letting us know if the original URL had “exproxy” in it or not, and since Mary updated the configuration file all of my off-campus tests have said “No EZProxy problem detected.”

Consider this issue solved, but if it pops up again, let us know!