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Make Your Own Catalog Mockup

At the last R&I meeting, I shared an idea for swapping out the header on the catalog. A lot of folks had extra ideas for things that should be changed sooner rather than later, and I promised to make some mockups. I realized, though, that it might be easier for you guys to play with the catalog pages to make your own mockups, so you can see how things will look (or roughly how they will look) with different elements in place on different screens.

My student Jon and I knocked together a few pages that let you tinker with the contents of three pages:

Once you load the demo page, you’ll see it’s loaded with everything we could possibly put on the page. At the bottom, you’ll see a tab called “Customize this page.” Click that tab and you’ll get options to turn elements on and off, or possibly update the wording of headers. I encourage you to play with the layout, and then take a screenshot of your ideal mockup and send it to me, with some notes about why you made the decisions you made.

Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts!

UPDATE: I’ve written a bit about the results I received, and some thoughts on catalog next steps.