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Summon 2.0 Opt-in Updates

Serials Solutions just updated the opt-in dates for Summon 2.0. Instead of January, we now have until August 15th to make sure the new 2.0 interface meets our needs before switching over. Project Manager Andrew Nagy sent this update to me yesterday:

Hello Summon Clients

We are continuing to make some very exciting improvements to the new Summon 2.0 user experience and we appreciate your continued feedback as we complete development of Summon 2.0 features.

We have heard from many of you that despite the compelling new features of Summon 2.0, it may be undesirable for your library to change interfaces in the middle of an academic year. As a result of your valued feedback on the timing of Summon 2.0 enhancements, we have decided to extend the Summon 2.0 preview period until August 15, 2014. This will allow your library to opt-in to Summon 2.0 on a schedule that is convenient for you and your users.

Summon 2.0 is live and being used as the default interface by several libraries. We encourage the rest of you to preview Summon 2.0 via your library’s unique preview URL at (where library name is the prefix for your library’s current Summon site). The Summon 2.0 Overview in the Support Center provides information on features and functionality.

When your library is ready, you can opt-in to make Summon 2.0 your library’s default interface at any time by simply contacting our Support team and requesting the date you would like to make the switch. Please give our team notice of at least 24 hours to make this change for you.

The Summon 2.0 interface will automatically be the default interface for all libraries on August 15, 2014 if you do not choose to opt-in before this date. The legacy Summon interface will no longer be available beyond this date.

Upcoming Release Schedule

We know that many libraries are planning to opt in to Summon 2.0 during the December-January time frame, so it is worth noting that there will be 3 more releases in 2013 with an additional release the first week of January.

If your library chooses not to opt-in to Summon 2.0 until a later date, your current Summon environment will be fully supported through August 15, 2014. However, there will be no new interface improvements to the legacy environment and your users will not benefit from exclusive Summon 2.0 features. Your users will still continue to benefit from new content additions and updates, normal bug fixes and ongoing improvements to relevance ranking.

For your convenience we have published a list of known Summon 2.0 issues and upcoming enhancements in the Support Center so that you can monitor reported and verified issues as well as our upcoming release schedule and release notes. If you have any questions about this list or would like to report any additional issues please contact our Support team. We will update this list approximately every 2 weeks.

the coming months, webinars led by our Training team and Product Managers will be available to update libraries on all of the Summon 2.0 features and functionality.

Please continue to provide us with your feedback as you begin using or previewing Summon 2.0. Your input is important to the success of Summon.

I have been working on customizing our preview site, and hope to schedule a few more discussion sessions this fall so we can share experiences with the new interface. As always, let me know if you have any questions!