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Student Support Page

Since we had several new services launch this fall, I needed a way to free up some space in our navigation under the “Services” heading. Based on conversations with students and some card sorts we did a few years ago, we grouped many of the smaller services that are primarily aimed at students under a “Student Support” page. We heard from a lot of students that they didn’t really know what a lot of these different services were, or whether we could help them. They wanted a single place that was clearly labeled for them (STUDENT support) where they could find a lot of stuff the library can help whtm with. We thought launching the new page at the same time everyone was checking out our new building would help get new folks who haven’t used the library in the past familiar with what we do.

Screen shot of new Student Support page

This new page features content from previous pages, as well as some new offerings. You’ll find:

Earlier this year I had a conversation with Erin about my vision for this page, and it included some short, enjoyable and informative videos about some of these services, inspired by the Harold B. Library at Brigham Young. Many of you have seen the videos her team produced over the summer, and they are all in place on the page.

We’ll be watching the usage of this page closely to see if it is helping students find what they need. Let us know if you hear anything!