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New Mary Idema Pew Library Website

Now that the new building is open, we’ve replaced the old construction-centered website for Mary Idema Pew Library with one centered on the existing building.

Screenshot of the Mary Idema Pew Library website

The new site shares the structure of the other new location pages (Steelcase Library, Frey Foundation Learning Center, and Seidman House). There are sections highlighting the spaces, services, and collections the library offers. In addition, the Mary Idema Pew site also highlights technology, offers information on booking tours and events, and provides access to an historical timeline of the building’s construction, made up mostly of content from the construction-based website.

The goal of all of the new location pages was to tell a little story about the thinking behind each of the University Libraries’ different spaces. Because I was working with more content, the Mary Idema Pew site is the most fleshed out. I’m happy to have additional contributions to the other libraries’ pages, if you have ideas!