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Web Updates

A few updates of importance:

Website organization changes

We’re launching a number of new programs and websites this fall, including the Knowledge Market and the Instruction Website. In addition we’re migrating the Mary Idema Pew website into our main website, and are switching the focus from construction updates to facilitating tours, events, and info for folks interested in how we’re rethinking library space. All that means we have a lot more links appearing in our navigation. So I’m going to be juggling some things around to make room. Nothing is going away, but it might not be exactly where you found it last year. Changes are scheduled to take place Thursday, August 14th.

Most of the changes will be in the “About” and “Services” categories:

  • The current “About->Locations” page will go away, replaced with top-level links to each location, including the migrated MaryI website. (You can preview a non-functional version of this on the test server:–158.htm) Only the landing page is showing how this will work; I haven’t updated navigation yet.
  • Many of the individual “small” services will be consolidated onto a “Services->Student Support” page (think Citation tools, Distance Learning, Master’s Theses, etc.). In the same way that “Instructional Services” is a portal for resources for faculty, this new page will provide access to all kinds of tools of use to students. Each item will be accessible through a sub-menu under Student Support. We’re still ironing out the specifics here, but hope to have details by Monday.
  • “Services->Instructional Support” will be replaced by the new Instruction website. We hope to go live with that before orientation next week. (Much of the content remains the same, but Emily and Mary have dramatically expanded and improved it:
  • “Services->Scholarly Communications” will get a new section for the OA Fund, replacing the existing LibGuide. We hope to have this live next week as well.

Other updates that affect you:

  • Since the IT help desk will be checking out laptops and iPads starting Fall semester, the locations of the former Zumberge items will be updated to reflect their new place, and the Technology lending page will be updated to reflect this.
  • The library status page now shows building issues (although the existing issue list won’t be entered for a few more days). You can subscribe via RSS or email to get notified any time an issue with the library building or systems comes up. Soon, it’ll also house ERMS and other TIS blogs!

Interactive Screens

Erin and I will talk about this at convocation next week, but enough folks have questions I wanted to share this now. Interactive screens will be live for Fall Semester. These are the portrait-orientation touchscreens on each floor by the stairs and on the 1st floor by the Service desk and the entrance. Currently they are showing weather and time, and we’ll be adding Computer Availability, an Events slideshow, a staff directory (including non-library folks who are in the library), and a spaces/wayfinding directory. You can see a wireframe below, and can see a rough version of the live tool at Keep in mind that your screen is not a) the right orientation b) the right resolution c) the right size, so it won’t look exactly like the interactive touchscreens. But it should give you an idea of what to expect.


Service desk folks: the spaces directory includes book call number ranges for each floor! Hurrah!

We’re currently waiting on IT to get Macs working with their computer availability database before the numbers for MaryI will be correct. Once Steelcase reopens, we’ll also make sure computer counts are correct there.

IT is also developing room reservation software, and we’re hoping they will build a module to show how many study rooms are available in the building. While they hope to have the website for booking rooms live near the start of Fall semester, there is no time frame for the module for our touchscreens.