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More Obvious Hours for Today

Since the Fall semester started, we’ve had significantly more traffic directly to our hours page (mostly from searches of “gvsu library hours”). Since today’s hours are on our every other web page across all our sites, we didn’t have as much traffic to the main hours page before, because the current hours were obvious and our previous research had shown that mot students were looking at hours for the current day. Well, now that many classes are online or hybrid, more students are looking ahead to plan our their weeks (or, at least that’s my working theory). Hence the increase in visits to our hours page.

Yesterday when I was working the desk shift at Mary I, I was looking at the hours page, and it took me a second to figure out which column I should be looking at. And so, this morning I made a quick change to the styles on our weekly hours page to make it easier to see the hours across our locations for today. It might take a refresh or a cache clear before you see it.

Today column in our hours is now more prominent