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A better no results screen in the Catalog

Every now and then, when I’m not at work, I do a search in the Catalog that returns no results. For some reason, the folks who made WebPAC Pro thought the best place to go when you don’t get results in the Advanced Search screen. To quote Andromeda Yelton, who was just as frustrated as I have been about this screen, “if I didn’t get any original hits from my search, limiting it to large print Albanian will not help.” Because I always encounter this page in a context where I am not working, I have never managed to write down that this page needed to be fixed. Until now!

The original no results page

I couldn’t just redesign this page, since Sierra just dumps a “NO ENTRIES FOUND” note on the top of the Advanced Search Page using a token in the template. So I wrote a little bit of JavaScript that checks for that message and then replaces it with some contextual help. The added benefit is that it ties in with my push to make getting to MeLCat easier.

The new no results page

It’s live now.