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Sabbatical Leave Book Project Update

I’m hard at work on the research for the book I’ll be writing about algorithmic bias this Fall. I thought I’d do a quick update on how things are going for those who are interested!

  • I signed a deal with Library Juice Press to publish the book. They publish a lot of critical librarianship stuff, and so the book will fit right in with their existing titles. Plus, the books are affordable. Library press books are often $60 or more, and so they are often only purchased by libraries or library schools. Most LJP titles are under $30, so I hope it will reach a wider audience. The publisher also agreed to a 2-year Open Access embargo for the book, as well. Thanks to GVSU Scholarly Communications Librarian Matt Ruen for help in the contract negotiations!
  • EBSCO had some developers and project managers at a talk I gave at Code4Lib in February, where I lamented not having access to EDS, their search and discovery tool (the license forbids anyone who isn’t affiliated with a licensed institution from using EDS.) Representatives reached out and set me up with my own EDS instance. So now I’m able to test all major discovery systems except for Worldshare.
  • I have Github repository of my sabbatical proposal, book proposals, and research notes that you can check out if you’re interested in the progress. I may even share some rough drafts there as I work through the chapters.

Thanks to everyone who has given me feedback and reading recommendations along the way. Keep them coming! I’ll be in the office through the end of August, plugging away at redesigning all the rest of the Library websites and running a lot of searches in Summon, Primo, and EDS. Then I’ll be back in January!