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Website Updates, Summer 2017

LibAnalytics is now LibInsight

On Monday we migrated to LibInsight, the replacement tool for LibAnalytics. I’ve sat down with most of you to make sure bookmarks and such were updated, and I’ve likely explained some of the new features of the tool. Right now, all of the data we have in LibInsight has been manually recorded (Instruction statistics, reference consultations, desk questions, tours, etc.) In the future we hope to collect and share more data, such as database usage, search tool usage, and so on. Having this data in one place will help folks make better decisions about collection development, and also help with our public data sharing initiatives (like the Library by the Numbers page) by automatically sharing relevant and up-to-date data. (The LBTN page is already a year and a half out of date at least.)

Check out my previous post on LINK for relevant links to common data entry forms. (I am redirecting our LibAnalytics site to LibInight, but just to the LibInight homepage.)

Journal Finder 2.0 is live

This morning we updated our eJournal Portal to version 2.0. If you use the Find Journals tool on our website, you’ll now see a more modern look and feel to the search results, as well as some new indicators that can be useful to novice and experienced researchers, like Open Access badges and Peer Review indicators. The new tool integrates with Ulrich’s for journal information, so you can understand where it gets its information on peer review and such.

Search results now show whether a journal is Open Access or Peer Reviewed

The 2.0 tool also allows for a new eBook search platform, but we haven’t turned that on yet. It doesn’t seem to offer much more than what we would get in the catalog or Summon, but I’m always looking for volunteers to test these things out to see if they would provide improvements for our users. Drop me a line if you’re interested!

Log in to LibApps with your GVSU username and password

Mary and I have also worked with IT to set up all of our Springshare tools to work with our institutional login, so you don’t have to worry about what your LibGuides or LibInsight (or LibChat, LibAnswers, LibStaffer, LibWizard, LibCal, or LibWhatever) password is anymore. You can still use your LibApps login, but you also have the option to use your campus ID.

The link to log in with your GVSU ID is after the search form

To log in with your GVSU username and password, click the link that says “Log in with your GVSU username and password” to the right of the normal login form (or below it if you’re on a phone or small tablet). That will take you to the GVSU login screen. The best part is that if you’re already logged in to the campus login, you’ll just sail through into LibGuides. So if you’ve already logged in to EZProxy or another tool that uses GVSU’s single sign on, you won’t have to log in to LibApps again.

That’s it for migrations this summer! Stay tuned for more details about projects coming up this Fall.