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Upcoming Summon Improvements on July 26

The Summon user interface will get an update on July 26th. Below is information about the changes, as well as details on how to preview them. Please let me know if you have any questions.

We are pleased to notify you of an upcoming Summon® release scheduled for Wednesday, July 26. Below you will find highlights of user-facing improvements and bug fixes. These changes are live today in the Summon Preview Environment and will be accessible until July 25. You will find instructions on how to access this preview environment below.


For more details on the enhancements described below you may wish to review our recent Summon Update and Q&A webinar (.pdf or recording). Pay particular attention to slides 21 through 41, which are covered between the 11:00-32:30 portion of the recorded webinar.

  • Controlled Vocabularies Search: subject terms are now enabled as search links, in the preview pane and on the catalog details page, enabling users to generate a new search with all elements of the subject term applied
  • Expand search results to 1,000: you can configure Summon to generate 1,000 search results for your users, beyond the current 200
  • English Search Improvements: improved handling of punctuation and special characters, use of synonyms, and stemming
  • Improved Faceting: new enhancements improve usability of the include and exclude functionality in the primary and more facets panes
  • Improved Header, Icon and Background Color Support: You can now set custom colors for your icons and background in the header of the results page and set the right hand column background to white; note: you do need to configure these features for them to take effect
  • Preview Link Hover: a preview is displayed when the user hovers over the preview icon, eliminating the requirement to click on the link to see the preview
  • Permalink placement improvement: permalinks are now both in the preview section and as an icon at the top of the result with a tool tip

Beyond these notable items, we are also making accessibility improvements and numerous fixes.

Preview Environment

The preview environment for the July 26 Summon release is available now through July 25.

Please remember that because some of the new functionality require some configuration, particularly the ability to change background and icon colors; you will need to change the configuration options in your Admin Console if you’d like to see these changes in the preview.

You can view your instance of Summon via the following URL:

Between now and July 25 we would like you to look at both the preview environment itself and provide feedback.

Here’s what you should look for in the preview environment:

  • The preview should work. (This is probably my favorite request. Ha! -MR)
  • Your preview should include your customizations (logos, link and background colors, etc.).
  • The search results on the preview site should be reflective of your configuration for the index in production (rights mirror live site).
  • The preview should include link rules so you can test links to content.
  • You should be able to see your custom scripts in place.

Newly Indexed Content Highlights

We’ve recently added or updated the following content packages in the Summon Index:

  • McGraw-Hill - F.A. Davis PT Collection: Physical therapy resources
  • McGraw-Hill - HarrisonMedicina: Clinical medicine resources (Spanish)
  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM): Books
  • Elsevier - ClinicalKey ES guides and Techniques: Guides and Techniques currently Fisterra content only (Spanish)
  • Chemical Society of Japan: Journals
  • SOLIS: Updated for new format (Dublin Core) of research projects from the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria and Switzerland