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Summon Updates for May 3

This is from the Summon Listserv today, on some upcoming changes to Summon:

These changes will be live in the Summon Preview Environment from now to May 2. You will find instructions on how to access this preview environment below. Changes will go live in your Summon instance May 3.


Through the preview environment you will see that we have made the following updates to improve performance and usability with Summon:

  • bX Recommender – Related Articles feature
    • You can now provide usage-based scholarly article recommendations to your users via bX Recommender.
    • Display related articles based on usage and relevance in the right-hand column.
    • You can turn the service on or off via the Summon admin console. To see it in the preview environment, follow the instructions provided later in this email to access your admin console. On the Settings tab, you will find a section titled “bX Recommender – Related Articles.” Turn this on and save the settings.
    • This service will be complimentary for at least a year (through your next renewal date) as part of your Summon instance. Continuation beyond this initial period will require a subscription, with the service included as part of the overall cost of Summon for longer renewals.
    • Syndetics Unbound
    • You can now easily add dynamic enrichment elements to your catalog detail page using Syndetics Unbound.
    • You can configure and utilize any of the available Syndetics enrichments with Summon. Available elements for enrichment include Title Recommendations, Author Information, Look Inside the Book, Series Information, Professional Reviews, Reader Reviews, Tags, Book Profiles, Awards and more.
    • You can see what this feature would look like in the preview environment without a subscription. To do so, follow the instructions provided later in this email to access your admin console. On the Settings tab, you will find a section titled “Syndetics.” Turn this on and save the settings. You’ll also need to turn on the catalog Detail Page. To do this, click on the Detail Page tab of the preview environment admin console, set the page to “Enable” and save the changes.
    • This service requires an additional license fee beyond the standard Syndetics Summon subscription, but the license can also be used to power Syndetics Unbound in your traditional OPAC or other supported service. For more information on how to subscribe to this feature, visit
  • Open Access Identification and Filter (v1)
    • You can now choose to identify and filter Open Access content in the User Interface with a new Open Access indicator/icon and Open Access filter.
    • Open Access content will be marked with an Open Access icon.
    • Users can limit results to only Open Access content via a facet/filter.
    • Filtering by Open Access is also available as an option on the Advanced Search form.
    • Additional documentation and recorded information on what Open Access content is currently available in Summon and how this content has been identified will be made available shortly.
    • There are currently over 200 million items in the Summon index that are identified as Open Access. We will be continuously updating this content on an ongoing basis based on feedback from the customer community and as we cooperate with more providers to properly identify open access content within their collections.
  • Resource Recommender Improvements
    • Searching on a database name should now return the database as a recommendation, regardless of capitalization or spacing.
    • Fixed issues related to capitalization and alphabetical ordering of database names in Resource Recommender.
  • Best Bets Improvements
    • Best Bets bulk imports now allows for importing of tags.
    • Improved handling of some punctuation and special characters (-_ &/’@#) in Best Bets tags, and support for special characters (“-_.&’@#/~!$%^()+={}[]:;?,|\<>.*) in the description field.
    • Better error handling for adding Best Bets.
  • Discipline scoped searching
    • User can now limit and pre-filter searches to specific disciplines using the Advanced Search form. (This, of course, has been available in my Scoped Summon Search Generator since 2011.)
  • Additional Enhancements
    • You now have access to the Chicago 16th Edition (Notes & Bibliography) footnoting citation format in Summon.

Bug Fixes

Beyond the improvements listed above, we have resolved the following issues:

  • Translated the Help Page into German
  • Any changes made to the translations fields for citation format names will now be reflected in the UI
  • Addressed issues related to dynamically rendered views that were preventing Zotero from importing citations from Summon
  • Addressed issues that were causing the A&I Details Page to show Available in Print when there’s no print or electronic access
  • Titles that were appearing in the user interface without spaces between the words now have proper spacing
  • Improved HTTPS support so that thumbnail images that were not appearing in the UI due to redirects of the URL are now displaying
  • Improved accessibility so that tabbing through elements in the user interface now highlights the menu options when expected

Reviewing the Release

Between now and May 2 we would like you to look at the preview environment and provide feedback.

Here’s what you should look for in the preview environment:

  1. The preview should work for both API and UI institutions.
  2. Your preview should include your customizations (logos, link and background colors, etc.).
  3. The search results on the preview site should be reflective of your configuration for the index in production (rights mirror live site).
  4. The preview should include link rules so you can test links to content.
  5. You should be able to see your custom scripts in place.

For the most part, the user interface for the preview release should look identical to what is currently live in production. If you identify any issues with the preview release, please be sure to open a case with customer support using our customer support portal, and be sure to let them know you’re referencing the preview environment. (If you see an error, please report a problem to the GVSU library, and we’ll batch any reports to customer support.)

Newly Indexed Content Highlights

We’ve recently added or updated the following content packages in the Summon Index:

  • New York Public Library, New York Public Library Digital Collections (Open Access)
  • American Psychiatric Publishing, American Psychiatric Publishing – books
  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) (2009) – books
  • Elsevier, ClinicalKey ES guides and Techniques
  • Korea Scholar, Korea Scholar – Journals