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Slight change to 360 Link

Last week, Gayle was reading over something I’d written about the redesign of our link resolver, and she mentioned that students don’t always see the additional results that are hidden in an accordion if the “best bet” link fails to work. She described how students would click on the big blue button and would not end up on the full text of the article they wanted. Most would understand to go back to the tab with the link resolver, but often, she said, students would not see that they had more options for the full text, and she would have to show them how to click the “Show more results” link.

I realized that any user who goes back to the link resolver page after clicking the “best bet” link probably needs to see the other results, and so I made a very small change to the code so that once you click on a link, the link resolver shows all possible results for you, without a user having to open up the accordian. Here’s a gif below to show how that works:

Animation showing additional results once a link has been clicked

I just added 2 lines for code, for those who are curious. You can see the changes on Github.