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Summon user interface update

Next week Wednesday, August 24th, ProQuest will be launching a “refreshed” user interface for Summon, our discovery layer. Since I have made a lot of customizations to Summon, and since those modifications will likely need to be rewritten for the new interface, we will be removing our Summon customizations Today, Friday, August 19th. No functional change to Summon will happen, although some design elements and labeling will change.

After the update goes through, I’ll begin work on rewriting our customizations for the new interface. It will likely take a week or two to get everything back, so there will be small changes throughout the first week of classes as I bring our customizations back up. I apologize for the inconvenience this will cause during early instruction sessions, but ProQuest did not give us access to the new code before making the changes live.

For those of you who missed the Summon update webinar last week, you can watch a recording of the session at If you’d just like to see the visuals of the changes, there is a “cheat sheet” available from ProQuest. If you are updating your LibGuides or instruction plans, and intend to use screenshots, you may want to wait until I let you know that the new customizations are back, or make notes of where you may need to replace screenshots in the next few weeks.