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New Summon UI Coming August 24th

ProQuest is releasing a slightly new user interface to the Summon 2.0 service on August 24th. Mostly this involves some cleanup of the header, facet, and right-side panels. Below is an email I received this morning from the product manager outlining some of these changes, as well as scheduling webinars to learn more about the updates. I am going to register for the webinar on Tuesday, August 9th, and will reserve a room if anyone wants to join me. Please keep an eye out for an invitation I’ll send out later today. You are welcome to register for any of the other sessions on your own.

One note: these changes will require me to rewrite many of our Summon interface modifications. I will be on vacation when these changes go through, but will work to address the updates when I return the following week. If, after the changes you see something that isn’t working as you expected it to, please use the Problem Report Form rather than emailing me, and someone in ERMS or Systems and Technology will address it right away. (I will not check my email until August 29th.)

Here are more details. Please let me or ERMS know if you have any questions, and we’ll do our best to get answers from ProQuest.

To increase your familiarity with these UI changes I want to show you a current version of the new UI for Summon 2.0 prior some of our minor tweaks. I also encourage you to review a very brief overview document, produced earlier this month, that highlights a couple of mockups that we were working with and details the more significant usability improvements. The majority of changes that will be in place are visible in this document, with only a few minor adjustments based on user feedback and development requirements.

New Summon UI sample

Over the coming weeks we will host Summon Quarterly Update webinars which provide you an opportunity to gain more visibility into these UI improvements. Beyond previewing the UI changes, we’ll also review what we are working on through the rest of the year as we march forward to finish items slated for our December release. Of course, I’ll also answer any questions that you have. Dates and times for the sessions are:

In the event that you can’t attend the sessions we’ll make recordings available to you and post them in the Support Center.

As we move forward to code complete we are also in the midst of creating more support and documentation for you to better understand the nature of this release.