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LibGuides Links Updated

Last week Bob reported a broken catalog search in LibGuides. The search still worked, but it was limiting to the Annis Water Resource Institute. When Patrick looked at the URL, he realized that the link was limiting the scope of the search to Annis, by prefacing the search query request with ~S17. (17 is the value of Annis in the scope field in Sierra.) If you wonder why anyone would scope a catalog search to a place with hardly any holdings, you should know that when we added a few scopes a year or so ago, Sierrra changed the “All holdings” scope from ~S17 to ~S19. (Why they don’t make ~S1 the All holdings scope is beyond me. Making it the last scope means that every time we add a scope the All Holdings scope will change.)

Now any old catalog searches that included the ~S17 scope variable would only return holdings at Annis Water Resource Institute, which is to say, no results. I fired up LibGuide’s native “Search and Replace” function, and did a search for URLs with the ~S17 pattern in them. Throughout the whole system, including all published and unpublished assets, there were over 750 URLs pointing to the wrong scope. Thankfully I was able to change just the ~S17 to ~S19, so all of those links should be fixed for now.

If you do come across a catalog search link that limits only to Annis Water Resource, then we need to change the URL to search the ~S19 scope.Let me know where you found it and I’ll get it updated.