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RefWorks Flow Updates Coming Soon

This came across the Summon listserv today:

The new and enhanced RefWorks, a new service combining the best of RefWorks and Flow, will released in the spring of 2016. The free version of Flow that Summon customers can currently take advantage of, as a feature of Summon 2.0, will be rebranded as RefWorks. This rebranding is currently scheduled for January 18, when we plan to automatically update the default text and labels within the Summon interface to RefWorks and activate redirects to a rebranded Flow.

Next week, an in-app notification will be posted within the current Flow service, which will say the following, “Flow is becoming the new RefWorks on January 18th. Your account will not be impacted, but you should expect to see some cosmetic and minor feature changes introduced on that date. Thank you for using Flow and enjoy the new RefWorks!”

Current RefWorks and Flow customers can access information about the new service at, where we are posting information about the new service. Any Summon customer can access this public page and sign-up to receive updates as to when the page is updated. Our training and documentation teams are currently working on updating documentation and training materials, which will be added to the upgrade page and/or the Support Center. If you are a current RefWorks or Flow customer please email with any specific questions about the new service.

We will be sending out more information as we get closer to the January branding changes that will reflected in Summon.