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Exam Cram Hours Tweaks

Every year we have problems communicating our exam cram hours especially at Mary I. Some days we are open 24 hours, others we are open all day but then we close at midnight, or maybe 2am. (And if we’re open all day but close at 2am, do we say that this 2am is on the day we were open or the following day?)

The calendar does not cooperate with our extended hours. (I have suggested to Brian that we just stay open 24/7/365, which would make this much easier to display. So far, he has declined. :) )

This year Kristin and I decided to change the content of the hours module during Exam Cram. It no longer shows the current days hours, but instead shows all of the exam cram hours. We thought that perhaps showing our extended hours in this way would be easier than trying to explain why we have to enter “open 7am - midnight” today (Monday) and then “Open 24 hours” (Tuesday). This makes it seems like we close at midnight on Monday, but we don’t. Again databases do not like ambiguity.

Exam Cram Hours

This only affects the home page - folks who visit the hours page directly will still see the confusing hours. I’d like to have a way to override that page in the future, too, but for now we’ll have to live with it. (This is the one tool that Institutional Marketing has built for us, so we have to work with them to get new features added.)

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!