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New OPAC Login Screen Coming Next Week

This week I did a little work on the OPAC login screen, which I will push live on Monday. We’ve long had the issue of having users choose between 2 different login screens, although the vast majority (well over 99% of active users) need the GVSU login. I designed a new login screen that defaults to asking for GVSU credentials, but allows Visitors or Alumni to switch to the alternate login method. The original screen and redesigned screen are below:

Old OPAC login
New OPAC login

You can preview and play with the new login page at (The new login screen is not yet functional, so it won’t actually log you in anywhere.)

The new login also features some error prevention:

  • If you appear to be entering a G# in the username field, it reminds students to use the Blackboard login.
  • If you appear to be entering a barcode in the GVSU password field, it asks if you are a visitor or alumnus/ae, and offers to switch the login method.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.