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MeL and MeLCat downtime

I just learned today that MeLCat and the MeL Databases will be migrating to a new server later this year, and there will be some downtime for these services. This usually means that a service is unavailable from midnight until 2am on a weekend, but in this case, MeLCat will be down for a while:

MeLCat will be down from November 18 until December 11th

This will mean some significant shifts in how we handle requests during the busiest time of the year for us. I can tell you that Brian’s and Jeff’s teams are working on sorting out the details of how we’ll handle these changes, so look for more updates from them soon. In the meantime I wanted folks who are teaching classes to know about the downtime. We’ll do our best to make the interruption as seamless and invisible to patrons as possible!

For more information, MCLS has an FAQ about the downtime online (including the question, “What will I do with all my free time?”)