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Illiad Home Page Tweaks

A while back, Vicki pointed out that our redesigned Illiad home page hid some helpful microcopy if a patron didn’t have any active requests. In the articles and books tables, we had notes explaining that articles are available for 14 days after they are received, and that renewed books won’t show back up in your account until the renewal is processed (due to OCLC’s wonky renewal process). When I cleaned up the home page for folks with no active requests, I inadvertently hid those little help messages, which led to some patron confusion.

New Illiad home screen with better microcopy

Today I fixed that problem, so that the help text still appears on the screen even when there are no active requests. We’ll see if this little change leads to a drop in the number of questions that come Vicki’s way!

[UPDATE 6/25] Vicki informed me that they’ve changed the article retrieval date to be 30 days instead of 14, so I updated the page to match.