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New Database A-Z List is Live!

This morning we went live with our new LibGudies Database A-Z list. I discovered that a lot of database links in LibGuides are still pointing to the old Database list, so I’ve had Institutional Marketing keep those links active until I can fix all the links in LibGuides. (So far I’ve remapped 318 by hand.) It’ll take me a few weeks, but by the end we should have most of the links mapped over.

If you are a LibGuides owner, I’ll be looking at your Database or Articles tabs, and any obvious places you might be stashing database links. If you’ve got some squirreled away somewhere, or if you’ve been linking to a subject landing page in the old A-Z list, you’ll want to update your links to point to the new page. I’m updating links as I find them, but you likely know your content better than I do.

Anyway, I’ll keep updating as I make my way through the links!