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LibGuides 2.0 Asset Changes

LibGuides Asset Changes

A few days ago, LibGuides made a huge change to the way that assets are managed in LibGuides (something we have been waiting six months for! Yay!) Now, when you reuse an asset, in addition to the description you can customize the title, whether the link opens in a new window or the same window, and how the description appears on the page.

LibGuides new asset editing screen

In the screenshot, you’ll see that there is an alert letting you know that the changes you are making to this “mapped” version of the asset will not affect any other version. However, if the asset “owner” makes changes to the original asset, those changes will affect other instances of the asset, unless that asset is using customized titles, descriptions, etc. (You can see the alert for that kind of editing in the Springshare blog post about the changes.)

I’m still running some tests to see if this fix has addressed some of the permissions issues in LibGuides we’ve faced before, but it does address (most) of our concerns about they way assets work in general. I’ve asked to get on an R&I meeting agenda to talk about the changes, and I know that assets are a hot topic with the LibGuides Advisory Committee, so expect to hear more about this soon!

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I also encourage you to read the blog post from Springshare that details the changes.