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Web Updates, February 2015

Hello all! Here are a few quick updates for the web you might be interested in:


Patrick sent this around in early December, but I wanted to remind folks that the location codes for Mary Idema Pew Stacks now include the floor on which the book is located. Here is Patrick’s original announcement:

The new locations will have what floor the item is on and will read like Mary Idema Pew – 2nd Floor. This will take quite some time to update, so there will be some transition period over the break. Moving forward, new titles will come in with the old location (Mary Idema Pew – Main Stacks) and will be updated once a week to the new locations.

Status App

  • I’ve removed the LibGuides 1.0 listing from the Library Status app, since Springshare has officially discontinued support for it in our case. As of now, the site is still available to view should you want to see what your guides looked like pre-migration. Head over to to see them. I can’t guarantee that the site will be up forever, but it’s there now.
  • I have added a new system in the Status app: Chat & Knowledge Base. Currently, only the chat function is live, but this summer we’ll (hopefully) be launching the rest of the tool. In the meantime, I needed a way to keep track of issues with the chat tool.
  • I changed the “Computer Availability” system to instead cover all of the Digital Displays for wayfinding, since now there are a lot of other tools on those displays. The label is now “Digital Displays.”

That’s it! Let me know if you have any questions.