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LibGuides Homepage Subject Link Simplification

Bob and Lindy reported an issue to me last week about the new LibGuides homepage list that because really clear when they were doing instruction sessions. When a user expanded a subject in the LibGuides list, the saw not only links to the relevant guides, but also a blue box with a link to the “Subject” landing page and the subject expert. It turns out that folks really want to click the links in the blue box, rather than the links to the guides. Bob and Lindy asked me to hide the links, and I have. We’ve never had them before, and I’m not convinced they serve out patrons. If you think they need to be reinstated with some better usability cues, let me know and we can bring it to the LibGuides committee.

Subject List in LibGuides before, with blue box of links
Subject List in LibGuides after, with blue box of links gone

In the meantime, let me know if this helps folks navigate our subject list!