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Library Status App Updates

I made a few updates to the Library Status app this week to make it easier to follow along with all details of our various systems. Specifically, I added 3 new statuses:

  • Update - for when MARC records are updated by ERMS, or when software is updated without any downtime.
  • Feature Request - sometimes we ask vendors to make something possible, but it’s not something that is actually broken. This helps clarify that.
  • Maintenance - Scheduled maintenance is an outage, but the severity is different. So I added this status to make it more clear. On the back end, the app now allows folks to schedule both the beginning and ending times.

Thanks to Jeff and the ERMS team for ideas and feedback on making the tool better.

We hope these updates help make the status app more useful to you. As always, if you have any suggestions or spot a problem, let us know.