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LibGuides 2.0 Issue Tracking

Kyle and I have had 2 LibGuides 2.0 drop-in sessions so far, and a lot of good questions have come through. We have a bunch more, however. Rather than bombard everyone with email updates on new issues, I’m collating all of the reported issues (either with the system itself or how we use it) in the Library Status App. As I hear back from Springshare with updates, or as I fix things within our control, I’ll be updating things there. Every day as I hear new reports of issues, I’ll be adding them to the app.

Remember, our LibGuides 2.0 site is at a different URL (for now): [UPDATE 8/20: LibGuides 2.0 is now our live site. You can find it at]

You can also find the Status app from any library webpage. Just go to Services > Library Labs > Library Systems’ Status. To view just the items for LibGuides 2.0, click on LibGuides 2.0 in the system list at the top of the page. You can use filters to just see the outstanding issues, and subscribe by RSS or email so you can get notified automagically.

Finally, here’s another cat because the first one got really great reviews: