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LibGuides Migration Complete!

Yesterday Springshare migrated our LibGuides 1.0 guides into our new LibGuides 2.0 installation. [UPDATE: Pointed URL to live 2.0 site 8/20] I’ve looked through a lot of guides this morning, and everything looks as it should. If you are a LibGuides owner, please take a moment to look through your guides and make sure everything looks like it should. I’ll be scheduling a bunch of drop-in help sessions over the next few weeks at every campus, and I encourage you to drop by and we can work together to get any anomalies straightened out.

LibGuides 2.0 homepage, as of today

From here on out, any updates you make should only be in the new system, since we can’t migrate content again. We’ll be going live with the new guides on August 18th, so we have a few weeks to work out the kinks. From what I’ve seen, there haven’t been too many! [UPDATE: We’ll be going Live 8/20]

A few other things to remember:

  • Some content did not migrate. I emailed folks who had non-migrating content (mostly feedback forms) a few weeks back, and I’ll be in touch again if you haven’t told me what you want to do with the old content. I’m happy to help you recreate it in the new system.
  • The ERMS team and I will be setting up the LibGuides Database table. This will allow you to pull database links right from the LibGuides Asset Manager rather than manually creating them every time. The benefit to this is that if we cancel a database or the link changes, ERMS can update the main table and the changes will cascade through all the guides. When I did a guide review over the past few weeks, I found dozens of broken database links and links to databases we canceled over the past few years. Centralizing all these links in the Asset Manager will make managing these links easier for everyone!
  • In addition to the drop-in help sessions, I’ll be running some LibGuides 2.0 training sessions. Jeff and I will also likely do some sessions on the LibGuides database table, although I haven’t let him know that I just voluntold him to present with me.
  • Springshare has a lot of help stuff up online for LibGuides 2.0 installations. Log in to your LibApps account and click the “Help” tab in the upper right hand corner.
  • The new LibGuides is responsive, so you should be able to use or manage them on any of your fancy devices (except for Kyle’s watch, which is not quite that fancy). If you do spot something weird, let me know what device you were on and what you saw. I’ll do my best to fix it, or report it to Springshare.

Migrating to a new system is always a challenge, but so far, this one has been pretty smooth. (Relentless knocking on wood.) To make it a bit better, here is a gratuitous baby photo, and a funny photo of a cat. Research suggests these things make everyone happier!

Gratuitous baby photo number 2
A cat filing its nails. As one does.

Let me know if you have any questions!