I gave a talk Sunday at ALA Annual on Responsive Web Design for libraries. I led off with a discussion of the basics around Responsive Design and how it can benefit your library, and then we spent the next hour walking through how to actually build a responsive site by tackling the elegant http://lollibrary.org website. The video above has a lot of throat clearing and some quiet spots where I got a bit too far away from the mic, but most of it is there.

Other formats available for download below.


  1. The LOL Library demo site.
  2. Source code for the LOL Library demo site
  3. Follow Mat Marquis on Twitter. Just do it.
  4. Compete’s 2010 Smartphone Usage Report
  5. Google’s Mobile Movement Report
  6. Stephen Hay, There Is No Mobile Web
  7. John Alsopp, The Dao of Web Design
  8. Ethan Marcotte, Responsive Web Design (article) and Responsive Web Design (book)
  9. Jeremy Keith, Re-tabulate
  10. Scott Jehl’s respond.js polyfill for browsers that do not support CSS3 media queries
  11. Twitter Bootstrap
  12. Foundation
  13. Canton Public Library’s Responsive Website by Brad Czerniak
  14. UVA’s new Responsive site will be live July 16th at http://lib.virginia.edu
  15. Picturefill: A polyfill for serving differently-sized images for different screen sizes by Scott Jehl
  16. eCSSential: a javascript tool for loading only the CSS needed for the current screen size or device by Scott Jehl
  17. South Street, a suite of tools for Responsive Design and Progressive Enhancement by the Filament Group (Scott Jehl et al)
  18. Oh, just go ahead and follow Scott Jehl on Twitter and Github. Do it.

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