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LOL Dress Code

The LOL Library has been forced by recent events to enforce a dress code. Patrons must wear both shoes and shirts to enter the library, although clown outfits, including oversize shoes that squeak when the wearer takes a step, are still frowned upon.

LOL Sewage Leak

Sewage has leaked all over the LOL Library, soiling many of our LOL collections in the basement. Asked for comment, Rutherford Haggis, the director of the LOL Library, said simply, "Sewage is no match for LOL."

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LOL Events

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LOL Exhibits

Public Domain Image of a woman sneezing from

Stuffy LOLs

Many Libraries and librarians suffer from stuffiness. The former might have a clogged filter in their HVAC, while the latter are susceptible to hayfever, allergies, or the common cold. The LOL Library is proud to showcase our collection of stuffy library and librarian memorabilia, including Melvil Dewey's soiled handkerchief and Ranganathan's EpiPen.

A public-domain image by LoggaWiggler at

Quiet LOLs

Librarians have been yelling to anyone who will listen that they don't shush anymore. But the LOL Library has artifacts that highlight the history of LOL shushing. Come see Nancy Pearl's "Shut it" button and Charles Cutter's medical note from straining his neck due to "excessive shushing."

Creative Commons self-portrait with fedora by truebluetitan on Flickr at

Vintage LOLs

Libraries and Librarians have been around a long time, and thrived in the post-WWII era. Come see the LOL Library's collection of vintage library paraphernalia, including Ranganathan's fedora and Henriette Avram's pillbox hat.

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