A few weeks ago I gave a talk at the Michigan Library Association’s Applied Technology and Trends Day in Ann Arbor, MI on how to get personality into your library website, and why you want to. (Hint: Your Library is made of People!). This talk has the same title as one I gave in St. Paul a few months ago, but it’s a 93% different talk. (There are still unicorns and the Hulk.) It’s probably the talk I’m most proud of (so far), so I hope you’ll give it a look/listen. The audio is distant at times, since I felt weird standing on a stage, but it’s mostly good.

Other formats available for download below.


  1. Dave’s Law by Dave Pattern.
  2. Library Websites Should Be Smaller by Aaron Schmidt
  3. Bad Library Websites are a Symptom by Me
  4. Whiney Hess: Don Draper is the Antithesis of User Experience
  5. Mule Design on research methods
  6. Observing the User Experience by Mike Kuniavsky
  7. Descartes Error, by Antonio Damasio.
  8. Designing for Emotion, by Aarron Walter.
  9. Libraries as Software, by Hugh Rundle.
  10. The Importance of Story(thinking) in the Age of Service Ecosystems by Cindy Chastain @ IA Institutes IDEA 2010
  11. University of Michigan Library
  12. University of Alberta’s Videos
  13. Mary Idema Pew Library on Twitter
  14. Unbrary It (coming soon to the web near you)
  15. Harold B Library @ BYU’s’ videos.
  16. University of Toronto Mississauga’s’ video gamed website.

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